Life Economy of Democracy and Communism

Lichtenstein's Financial Stability

The state of Liechtenstein is reigned by a Prince and a country located in Central Europe. When it comes to economic status, it said to be one of the highest gross domestic production per person.Liechtenstein is mainly known in the past for billionaire tax haven. It has a low business taxes and a low tax rate of 20% as a maximum. Their Gross domestic production or GDP way back 2009 is around 4.8 billions of US dollars. They are very much open to global trade and investment and known by the other countries to have a stable and flexible financial sector. One of the lowest rate to unemployment at 1.5 percent.This country has been a member of the European Economic Area since May 1995. Liechtenstein imports more than 85% of its energy requirements. As the country's principle is economic and cultural development over the past 40 years. They amusingly developed agricultural into one of the most highly industrialize countries around the world.

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